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      來源:http://www.ygscw.cn 時間:2022-10-20

      The toilet of many families is made of antiseptic wood, which looks very textured. But can the toilet be covered with antiseptic wood? Zhengzhou antiseptic wood knitting is summarized as follows.
      It is OK to lay anti-corrosion wood in the toilet. The antiseptic wood floor is not afraid of water, and some antiseptic wood will become harder and harder as it is soaked. It can not only be used outdoors, but also in the bathroom or shower area, or even the balcony. Brother Shui thinks that if you don't like cleaning, the shower area should not be paved with antiseptic wood. It's really annoying to clean. Of course, if you really like the anti-corrosion wood floor and want to use it in the bathroom, it is recommended to select the anti-corrosion wood floor with qualified indicators when selecting materials, and then brush a layer of wood paint, which can enhance the sealing, moisture resistance and wear resistance.
      Pay attention to the following items when laying anti-corrosion wood:
      1. If you plan to pave on the ceramic tile directly, it is recommended to install two layers of anticorrosive wood. If horizontal paving is done once, vertical paving is done (and vice versa). The advantages of doing this are: first, it is more solid; Second, it is staggered, and the drainage is relatively fast, so it is not easy to cause ponding.
      Can the toilet be paved with anti-corrosion wood?
      2. The anti-corrosion wood in the shower area should be easy to disassemble. As the use time increases, hair and dust are more likely to accumulate underneath. It is not easy to clean up if you wash it directly with water, so we need to manually clean the anti-corrosion wood when we remove it. Of course, if the economy allows, we can invite people to come.
      3. Remember to leave expansion joints for the paved anti-corrosion wood, generally about 1cm, which is very important! Some people may not understand why the seam is left? Wouldn't it be easier to let your hair fall in after leaving a seam? In fact, it is not necessary to leave a seam! After all, if the antiseptic wood is soaked in water, it will expand. If there is no gap left, it will easily bulge and be damaged.
      4. The maintenance of antiseptic wood in the shower room! First of all, we should choose the smooth wood, and often apply wood wax oil and protective paint, so as to ensure that it does not have insects or even rot. To make it last longer, remember to wax it regularly.
      The above is a detailed introduction of Shandong antiseptic wood. I hope it will be helpful to you. If you have any questions, please contact us. We will provide you with professional services http://www.ygscw.cn
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