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      When installing the anti-corrosion wood floor, we can't see the essence, so how should we judge whether the anti-corrosion wood floor is hollow? Henan anti-corrosion wood is summarized as follows.
      (1) First, check whether the color of the surface of the antiseptic wood is consistent with that of all normal wood, and then beat it to judge the quality of the wood products. Wood filler is usually divided into solid and partial solid. Solid filler is undoubtedly very heavy, but the price is too expensive, and some solids are relatively light, so the price is relatively cost-effective.
      (2) We can check whether the company's product surface is affixed with a "seal". Reliable anti-corrosion wood production enterprises will stick seals
      (3) Sampling test sample: set nails on the surface of the anti-corrosion wood sample. Solid enterprise products have certain difficulties for nails, and are easy to fix and empty.
      Once the interior of the antiseptic wood is hollow, not only the quality cannot be guaranteed, but also it is easy to crack after a period of use. Therefore, when purchasing this kind of wood, we must clearly determine whether there is hollow inside.
      The method to judge whether the anticorrosive wood floor is hollow
      Precautions for installation of anti-corrosion wood floor:
      1) Outdoor wood shall be dried in the shade to the same degree as the humidity of the external environment to avoid large deformation and cracking after construction and installation.
      2) At the construction site, the anti-corrosion wood shall be stored in a ventilated manner, and the sun exposure shall be avoided as far as possible;
      3) During construction, the existing size of anti-corrosion wood should be used as much as possible. If secondary cutting, drilling and other processing are required, CCA preservative (concentrated solution: water=1:10 configuration) should be used for painting and remediation to ensure the service life of anti-corrosion wood;
      4) When building the terrace, try to use long boards to reduce joints, so as to look beautiful; 5-10 mm gap shall be reserved between plates;
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